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SANCTUARIES, INSTITUTIONS, WOODLANDS, and INFRASTRUCTURES are projects consisting of HD digital animations, digital prints, drawings, and sculptures.


Synopsis: SANCTUARIES is a short animation that envisions an imaginary community’s existence on ocean-going barges.  A series of short vignettes show residences drifting at sea, singly on one barge, several homes on another. The animation focuses on dwellings found almost anywhere in suburbia and in urban environs. Each scene portrays a slice of daily life, whether inside the sanctuary or outdoors, but without a visual depiction of the actual residents. In this installment, SANCTUARIES depicts suburban older homes, newer McMansions, off the grid DYI Tiny Homes, and urban residential towers, while referencing the wide swath of income disparity that makes up a municipality. Hot tubs, steamy baths, a collection of cowboy drawings and prints, and a sleek mid-century sofa, all convey upper class homes juxtaposed with the need to reduce one’s carbon footprint to that of tiny homes.

NOTE: This is an ongoing project and run-time for the animation, SANCTUARIES, has not yet been determined. The project also includes archival prints of selected stills from the animation.

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